Now you can mute unwanted calls in WhatsApp, know how

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature called "silence unknown callers" that will enable users to mute calls from unknown numbers, Read to know more about it!

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature called “silence unknown callers” that will enable users to mute calls from unknown numbers while still being able to see the call in the log and notification centre. This feature is currently in development on WhatsApp beta for Android and will be accessible as a toggle in the Settings menu. Not only will this feature minimize disruptions, but it will also prevent spam calls.

Once enabled, customers won’t hear a ringer and incoming calls from unknown numbers will be hushed. To make sure users are informed of any missed calls from unsaved WhatsApp contacts, a notification of a missed call from an unknown contact will nevertheless continue to show up in the calls list and notification centre.

Moreover, WhatsApp is also working on a calling shortcut button that will let users initiate WhatsApp calls directly from their contact list without having to open the app. This feature will be located under the contact card, beside cellular calling thumbnails, and will save users time and effort.

Additionally, the social media giant will soon launch a “Split view” feature for tablets on Android beta, allowing users to view and use two different sections of the application simultaneously. This feature will make it easier for users to switch between conversations without having to return to the chat list repeatedly.

Overall, these new features will enhance users’ experiences on WhatsApp by saving them time, minimizing distractions, and providing them with more control over their calls and chats.

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