Bruised muscles! Don’t worry, Robo Ankle is there

Are you suffering from constant muscle pain?  Do you have to undergo steady excruciating physical therapy due to your muscle pain? Then get not worried. Robo Ankle is there to bring instant solution to your problem and regain life in your dormant muscles.

Robo Ankle

You might wonder what this Robo Ankle is and what it has to do with your muscle pain! In fact, Robo Ankle is a mechanical device invented by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in the US i.e. capable of bringing instant relieve to muscle problems and even can bring relief to severe  neuromuscular chaos like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

Unveiling the hidden motto behind the device, assistant professor at the robotics institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Young-Lae Park said, “The device was originally meant for people with long-term conditions while it could also be used by those recovering from injury.” “The device could be used for short-term ankle rehabilitation as well, for example muscle training and exercise after cast or splint removal,” he added further.

The device Robo Ankle has been made up with tender plastics & compound materials and supports pneumatic hand-made muscles, tiny sensors and superior control software to imitate the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower leg. Compressed air and circuits control the artificial muscles, thereby applying several exercising movements to the wearer’s leg to reinforce the weak muscles and augment the range of motion for the ankle.

And as per the information report by the researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University, the device even can be used by people on everyday basis while in the coming days. “Controlling the device using the wearer’s motion or muscle intention is our ongoing and future work,” said Park on a public meet.

We don’t have any info when the device is going to be served for public service. But definitely it would be a welcoming device for millions of arthritis patients who often undergo painful treatment therapies to get little relief from their agonizing life.

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