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Gone are the days of passwords, passkeys are the future!

Good bye Passwords, Passkeys are the future. Google has made passkeys feature default on Android Phones which saves 40 percent time to log into your devices. Passkeys have become a secure substitute for conventional passwords and are the latest trend in the fast evolving field of digital authentication.

Passkeys are here; goodbye, passwords! Passkeys, a secure substitute for conventional passwords, are the latest trend in the fast evolving field of digital authentication. Leading the charge in this transition are Apple, Google, and Microsoft, which provide cutting-edge options for consumers to verify their devices and accounts.


For example, Apple’s Touch ID and Face ID use biometric identification to unlock devices. It is difficult for anyone to access the device without authorization because the technology confirms a user’s identity using distinctive bodily traits like fingerprints or facial recognition. Along with that, Apple recently unveiled the “Sign in with Apple” function, which enables users to sign into apps and websites without having to set new passwords. Instead, individuals validate their identity by using a secure passkey and their Apple ID.


Google has also unveiled “Google Sign-In,” a password-free authentication method. It authenticates a user’s identity with just one tap, doing away with the requirement for a password. This approach confirms a user’s identity using encrypted keys and secure authentication tokens, making it significantly more secure than using conventional passwords. Now Google has made Passkeys a feature default on Android devices.

“To use passkeys, you just use a fingerprint, face scan or pin to unlock your device, and they are 40% faster than passwords — and rely on a type of cryptography that makes them more secure. But while they’re a big step forward, we know that new technologies take time to catch on — so passwords may be around for a little while. That’s why people will still be given the option to use a password to sign in and may opt-out of passkeys by turning off “Skip password when possible,” said Google.


Microsoft’s “Microsoft Authenticator” program is another entry into the passkey fray. By using a secure passkey or biometric information like a fingerprint or face recognition, users of this software can verify their Microsoft accounts. Users can now access their Microsoft accounts more easily and securely because there is no longer a requirement for a password.

The advantages of passkeys over conventional passwords are numerous. They are more secure than passwords since they are far more difficult to guess or hack. They also eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords, making it easier for users to access their accounts and devices. In addition, passkeys are more convenient and user-friendly, allowing users to authenticate their identity with just a touch or a glance.

Finally, the switch from passwords to passkeys is a much-needed improvement in the field of digital authentication. The future of safe authentication is bright and much more secure for customers with the backing of big tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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