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Philips launches Hue, the Web-Enabled home lighting system in India

Hello Readers! Do you have ever come across the Web-Enabled home lighting system? Before these systems were available for the western countries and now have made way to India. Yes, just recently on Tuesday one of the biggest Consumer electronics product manufacturing company Philips has launched its Web-Enabled home lighting system in India. The system otherwise called as the Hue allows you to control lights wirelessly and even allows you to go for a change no matter you are at home or not.

The Hue Web-Enabled home lighting system is right now available in four variants. The Hue starter kit that will cost you Rs. 16,995 packs three Hue lamps and a bridge to control them. Similarly there are three other variants of the system i.e. the Hue Go, a bowel shaped lamp without bridge which will cost you Rs. 8,995, a table lamp called the Hue Beyond which will cost you Rs. 22,995 (without bridge), the Hue Bloom spotlight without bridge at Rs. 6750 and the Hue LightStrips at Rs. 6,500 without bridge.

So to give a basic idea on the Hue Web-Enabled home lighting system, the controller bridge in the Starter Kit will help the bulbs to connect the WiFi router of your Home. Once you have all the accessories required for enlightening the Hue system, you have to download the Hue App on your Smartphone and then have to connect the bulbs to their concerned holders. Then you can control the lighting system system manually from your app. The app is available both for Android and iOS.

This new Web-Enabled home lighting system will be an absolute fun for you as you can operate it whimsically as per your mood. You are allowed to increase or decrease the intensity of light in the Hue as per your requirements. Similarly you can scatter multi-colored light shades around your room by picking an image in the controller and lightening the image with the bulbs. Apart, you can use the Hue lamps as Alaram, can connect it to IFTTT to get weather details and many more.

What we hear if Philips is soon going to bring its Hue smart lighting range to Apple’s HomeKit platform. Then just imagine, what you can’t do with the lighting system using Siri, Apple’s virtual voice assistance system. So what you think readers? Do you think this lighting system will be of any use to you? Forget not to share your views.

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