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The top five Health benefits of Ginger

ginger health benefits

Ginger is one of the most used and demanded spice products used for our everyday food preparation. But do you have ever thought that this spice product, which is essential for cooking ]curries, can also be beneficial to your health. Of course, many of you must be ware of benefits that Ginger has on your health. Still today, I will highlight some of the prime roles that ginger plays in your health factor. Let’s have a look.

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Benefits of Ginger

  • Because ginger is an antioxidant, so it is much helpful both for your face and hair. Put one tea spoonful of honey to a cup of ginger juice and stir it. Put this paste on face with the help of cotton and wash your face with cold water after an hour. Your face will start shining.
  • Mix little ginger juice in Jojoba oil and use it on your hair. It will not only strengthen your hair, but will free your hair from dandruff. It’s also beneficial for Summer days as it keeps your mind cool.
  • Add one spoon of both ginger juice and honey to two spoonful rose water and use this paste on your face and neck. It will keep your body cool and dry less.
  • Mix Olive oil and ginger juice and use it on your lips. Your black lips will soon start glowing.
  • Mix equal amount of sugar, ginger juice and lemon juice in olive oil and massage on your body before bath. It will glow your skin.
  • Put two spoon Almond oil, some rose petals and one piece ginger in some water and drown your feet in it. Do this regularly and all spots from your feet will vanish.

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