ios 12.1.2

After iOS has pushed its most recent update, users across the globe are tensed enough. Why?? Because after the latest 12.1.2 iOS update from Apple, iPhone users across the globe have started facing connectivity issues.

Most of the users also have complained against this issue and the issues is basically detected in iPhone devices like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. As claimed by the users, internet connectivity instantly goes insane (stops autometically). Even after connecting to Wifi, the same issue repeats and the phone disconnects autometically.

According to reports from Forbes, the same connectivity issue is also found in the old iPhones like iPhone SE and iPhone 8 Plus. The company of course has not said anything on this, but users are suggested not to upgrade their handset to the said iOS version if they have not done already. Else they might also undergo the same issues.


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