iPhone XS Max

Constant reports of iPhone catching fire has somehow created panic among iPhone users. Few days ago an iPhone in Mumbai was in news to have caught fire where another similar case came to front today when a three weeks’ new iPhone Xs Max caught fire in a US users pocket. The incident took place in Ohio city of the United States and post this incident Apple has sent a new iPhone to the victim. However, the victim is not satisfied with this and thinks of legal remedies owing to the physical and mental injury he has got because of this incident.

As per the media reports, name of the victim is J. Hillard. As claimed by him, he had kept the phone in his back pocket when suddenely the phone started hitting and before could take this out of his pocket, the phone caught fire with green and yellow color smoke. Then reportedly one of his colleagues took help of a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, which left a hole in Hillard’s pants and pain irritation on his skin.

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Describing the incident Hillard told the iDropNews “From the time of first noticing the fire and between removal of the pants and taking the phone out of my pocket and placing it outside, I inhaled A LOT of smoke. Later in the day, the team told me about the video that the office security camera captured”.

Here it can be said that a similar incident was witnessed in Mumbai recently in which more than one person of a single family was injured because an iPhone caught fire. According to the police the incident took place at around 6 o’clock in the morning when everyone in the family was sleeping. Blast in the iPhone was so teriffic that the entire home caught fire in fraction of seconds. Almost two people got burnt up to 35 percent becuase of this fire while 2 children also got injured because of this incident.


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