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Vivo V9 scheduled for 27 March launch, looks equivalent to iPhone X

The latest release from Apple, iPhone X bagged rave reviews for its exclusive design and display notch and soon we found many a manufacturers trying to fit into the shoe of Apple. Following the footprints of Apple, Vivo, the Chinese Smartphone maker is ready to launch its upcoming flagship in India on March 27. The Smartphone is named as Vivo V9 and why we say that it follows the footprints of Apple because this Smartphone also uses notches similar to iPhone X.

Recently few images of the Vivo V9 launched in which we can clearly see these notches and this Smartphone looks very equivalent to iPhone X. Teaser of this Smartphone was of late seen in the Vivo Malaysia Twitter page. Besides, its teaser is also released in other countries including its bill boards in Indonesia.

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The Vivo V9 will carry a 24 megapixel selfie cam on front with dual camera in back. However, there is nothing revealed about the specifications. But it’s known that this handset will be priced within Rs. 25000 in India. It’s evident from the leaked images that this Smartphone will have quite equivalent display to that of iPhone X which will have notch like the later. But if you are not already aware of the notch, then we would like to say that on the display of iPhone X, there are many sensors for which space is given and this is called notch.

Here it’s worth mentioning that Vivo just recently lunched the Apex phone which is in concept now. The Apex phone carries three special features which the company has highlighted. First is the “half screen in display fingering technology” which occupies more space for the fingerprint sensor than usual.

Second specialty is the popped up selfie camera which can be pushed inside when not required. Third specialty is the Redux speaker and it’s kept inside display.

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