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Pay little and insure your Old Smartphone display with Rs.12000

If you are among the people who break their Smartphone diplay frequently, then good news for you. Now you can insure your Smartphone display. This facility is provided by Go Digital General Insurance company in India. Though this company already provides this facility with the new Smartphones, but the old Smartphone also can avail this oppertunity now.

The special part of this insurance is its online facility. The company will take remote access of your phone with a special software and will claim the insurance online in few minutes. With that the company with the help of the software will also check if your Smartphone display was damaged before or not.

To many exent this software is equivalent to that of Cashify which purchase old handsets. With this software the company will also check the handset details such as the handset manufacturing company, IMEI number and handset model.

According to a report from The Times of India, to insure your old Smartphone display you hahve to spend around Rs.1700. After this if your Smartphone display breaks and it costs you up to Rs.12,000 then the company will bear the entire cost and will send you the amount. You can use it for repairing your handset or purchasing a new one.

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