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Snapchat Spectacles; the best ever feature from the Social Media giant

snapchat spectacles

Snapchat this date is one of the most demanded Social Media platforms for users across the globe. Best part of the App is that it’s getting upgraded to numerous cool new features with the passing time. In the yester-years we have seen many cool new features such as filters, voice changers, memories, new lenses and capacity to upload photos and videos from your camera roll and many other introduced by Snapchat. And now it has moved a step ahead adding something extravagant called the Snapchat Spectacles, which you will put your hands on ere your eyes touch them.

So now question arises what are these Snapchat Spectacles? Are those glass frames like other common spectacles?? Or it’s a feature included the app called Snapchat Spectacles only? How to use that?? We have an answer for all your doubts and queries. yes, they are exactly what they are named after. Snapchat Spectacles are glass frames (Sunglasses) with in-built cameras which will record your life in 10-second snippets and will make your moments special.

But how does this function? This question must be making it around your head, right?? Very simple. You have just to press the button to make a 10-second snippet and you are also allowed to add these photos wirelessly to your memories on your Snapchat. But if you are seriously interested for picking one for you, then you will get it from Snapchat’s Minion-esque machine. But for this moment, this Snapchat glass is only available at the Venice Beach, CA. But you can keep checking when this vending boxes might reach at your place too. And for a single Snapchat spectacle, you have to pay around $130.

So what you think guys? Is’t something that you will love to invest money on? Or you would absolutely hate to invest a penny on this? Your decision will adhere it’s popularity. So forget not to share your thoughts in comments.

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