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Coronavirus: American test KIT to be introduced in India, tests COVID 19 in just 5 minutes

While the entire world is busy finding a solution to get rid of the deadly Coronavirus, India suffers through lack of test Kits which has become a major drawback to detect the exact number of corona patients in the country. While India has prepared a Rs.1200 test KIT,  the American company Abbott on the other hand is ready with a corona test KIT which is claimed to produce result in just 5 minutes. Though Lab of the company is located in the United Stets, but it’s planning to introduce this portable KIT in India soon.

American pharmaceutical company Abbott aims to deliver this KIT to almost all countries that suffer from this global pandemic and says that it will ensure that maximum people across the globe get benefit of it. A report from Indian Express conveys that the KIT will be made available in India within a short span. One spokesperson of the company said that they will soon bring corona testing facilities to its labs and other testing platforms, so that it will reach to the maximum number of people across the globe.

As the company aims to launch this KIT for maximum number of people across the globe, so it’s engaged in the manufacture 24×7. The company’s spokesperson said, it’s testing facility is currently available only in the United States as the product is used only in the US. This testing platform which was set up in 2014, is currently being used in American labs for testing influenza A and B.

The KIT can be easily carried anywhere as it’s portable in size and it produces Corona test result in just 5 minutes by using the isothermal nucleic acid amplification technique. The KIT is competent enough to test samples anytime, anywhere and can inform if the test result is negative or positive. Reportedly, Abbott is planning to supply approx 50,000 test kits everyday starting from the following month. Even Abbott plans to reach 50 lakh test capacity every single month.

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