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These tiny little Steps worth Securing your Handset from Hackers

You mus have installed VPN or Security Software on your laptop or Smartphone before. If you want those to take care of your device, then you must take their care too. By following below given few tips, you can keep your Smartphone both fit and healthy.

Keep Your Antivirus UptoDate

Open your Smartphone database and see if you have any Update message. If you don’t have an Update message, then you can check for manual update. Keep checking all your Security products and timely update those. Apart from your alertness, this is the only method that can keep your Smartphone secure.

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Test your Antivirus

How will you know that your Antivirus works fine? To check protection of your Smartphone, you must visit the official website of the Anti-Malware Testing Standard organization and check with the features. Run tests in this website to ensure that the antivirus is not against Protection Standard.

Verify the VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) turns your normal Internet connectivity into encrypted connection and ensures secure browsing. You must check if your VPN is getting leaked. To check the real IP, turn on your VPN and search ” What is my IP”. Now connect VPN and search the IP again. Now you will see a different IP.

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In terms of security, Apple has made iPhones much better than Android phones. The Normal Android devices are not that much secure indeed.

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