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Facebook’s new Photo Magic feature

Facebook has come up with a new feature called Photo Magic. It sounds like a photo editing app but it is not. The “Magic” thing is that you can now let share photos is more easier way.

What is actually Photo Magic?

Well, Photo Magic is a feature that has the capability to recognize you face. The feature can get to your smartphone/tablet’s camera rol. It can identify your friends, and then give you the option to send the images to the selected friends. You don’t even have to open the messenger to share the photographs you will automatically receive a notification with a SEND button. The feature prepares this stuff by scanning the photographs. You can hit the SEND button if you wish to share or ignore it.

What If an image has multiple friends? This question must have popped up in your mind after reading all this. The Photo Magic feature  will devise a new message thread in Facebook Messenger for this pupose. All your friends can receive the photographs at one go.

Some of you might feel annoyed by Facebook’s entry into your privacy. You would not want anyone to scan at the pictures you keep in your device. Well, you don’t have to start protesting because you will have the option to TURN OFF the photo magic feature. You can go to the messenger’s setting box and make the required changes.

You must be an Android Device user to get this feature on the Facebook messenger. Apple users will have to wait for some more days to get their hands on this feature. There is no news for Windows users. If you live in Australia then you will be the first to get this feature. Facebook has announced that users of other regions including US will evenually receive this feature.

Last week we saw Facebook making changes to its public events interface. The ‘Maybe’ has been replaced with ‘Interested’ button. As for the private events, you will still get the ‘Maybe’ button option. Facebook also came up with the “Music Stories”. For now, Music Stories will work on iOS users. The user should also have their accounts on Spotify or Apple Music to enjoy this feature. You can share the song on Facebook with the option to Play it.  All you have to do is by clicking on SHARE option in the site, they copy and paste on facebook. Isn’t  it simple guys?

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