The Wall 2019

Samsung has finally brought revolution in the Television world. Just of late the company has showcased a glimpse of the largest television in the world. Yes Samsung has revaled a look of its 219 inch television at the ongoing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 which packs microLED panel display.

Before this Samsung also had launched “The Wall TV” with 146 inch display. Specialization of this TV is the built-in Google and Amazon Alexa support which will follow your voice command. Also this TV has built-in Smart speakers.

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At the same time Samsung also has showcased a 75 inch tv which has 4k resolution support. However, the company has not revealed the price of both these Smart televisions. Both these Smart televisions can be operated through voice command. Also voice command is applicable to control volume on both these TVs. Samsung has named the 219 inch television as “The Wall 2019”.

Here it’s worth mentioning that Sony through its master series has revealed two TVs with Z9G 8K (LCD)¬†and A9G 4K OLED. The A9G TV will be made available in 55 inch, 65 inch and 77 inch variants whereas the Z9G model will be made available i.e. 85 inch and 98 inch variants.

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In terms of specifications, both the televisions support X1 Ultimate processor and Sony claims that both are 8K supported. It must be mentioned here that the Z9G is the first TV from Sony which is 8K supported.


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