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No More to get tired of Google News, tricks discovered

Well, Google News is a familiar name for all those users who are ardent fans of the Google Search Engine. I would also not exclude myself here because I always prioritize Google as my favorite search engine and Google News is also quite familiar to me. But the users who have already subscribed to Google News might at times get irritated with the repeated stories from the Search giant. Also sometimes, it’s frustrating when you get stories that is not of your interest. Many of you must have thought always to get rid of this issue. Right? But could do anything because no such option was there.

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But you people will be happy to know that the trick to get tired of Google News has finally been discovered. Recently a Redditor user Knight-Adventurer noticed that the news feed of Google News subscription page can be customized now. Google has started allowing this feature to the users now. This is a process of telling Google What you are Interested In manually instead of telling in today’ basic or usual way. Now you can opt for your interests manually by following the News feed customization process.

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Doesn’t this sound good? Of course for me. So what you have in all is to tap on the 3-dot menu button and select “Note interested in stories from ____” when some news in the Google Now news feed is not of your choice. That’s all you have to do and soon you will see Google not bothering you anymore with all those irritating news feeds.

Well, this is not a full-time solution of course. But is not bad too. Because this is the right way Google has stepped in to bring people’s irritation into control. The Search giant is on the right way and I hope soon Google will find out a permanent solution to this issue. But before, I would like to know what you people think about this? Do you also get bothered with the useless news feed?

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