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YouTube Feather: To Watch YouTube Video Without Buffering


YouTube is a popular website that lets people to view all short of videos and also to upload their videos to share them with friend, relatives and with the world. I like to watch YouTube video on my computer, actually I like everything on YouTube except the buffering symbol that comes in the middle of the video. It’s very irritating to wait for a long time to watch a small video clip. So, I was looking for a tool that can help me to watch YouTube without buffering. I got a simple solution of my problem which I want to share with you.

Generally watching video on YouTube requires a lot of bandwidth. When you load a YouTube video there are also many things that get loaded with the video including the top comments, a long list of suggested videos, like, dislike and share button, and more other things. If you have an under powered PC or slow internet connection then you will face a big problem, it will take several seconds to start playing the video and in the middle the buffering symbol will come again and again. If you are facing the same problem while watching YouTube video on your computer then you can switch to YouTube Feather.

YouTube Feather is an ultra light watch page that removes all the unnecessary elements from YouTube and lets you watch your favorite video on the YouTube without being worries about others stuffs. It removes the information panel, share button, most of the related videos, video responses, vote counts on each comment, the medium-size player option, like and dislike counts for the video, and the ability to add the video to a list.
To join YouTube Feather go to the YouTube feather beta page and click on “join the feather beta” option and then load a YouTube video in your computer , you will notice the change. In this page the videos will be loaded in their standard quality. So, if you are using a slow internet connection you should try YouTube Feather to enjoy the YouTube video. If you find it useful then please leave your comment in the comment box.

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