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High Quality pages might not get indexed in Search Pages, confirms Google

Google's John Muller has confirmed that it's not always obvious that Google would indexed all pages, even those are of high quality.

If you take proper technical care of your website , yet your pages are not getting indexed then According to Google your pages don’t meet the quality mark. Because Google has set some standards for your pages to get indexed in Google Search. But now it’s not the rule. Google’s John Muller has confirmed that there is no guarantee that even the high quality pages would get indexed.

Taking to the micro-blogging site X, Google’s John Muller said “A page can be of high quality and still not be indexed – it’s not guaranteed. Pushing it through these tools doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stay (or even become) indexed. There’s just a lot of good (& also questionable) stuff on the web.”

According to Google, if you need to submit your pages to Google everytime, then there are some quality issues in your website. Because Google always prioritizes and wants to crawl, index and rank high-quality pages. But it’s not obvious that Google will always  index every page, even if those are of high quality.

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