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Gmail not to support Older Chrome Versions,Windows XP and Vista anymore

Hello Gmail users. A warning massage for you. If you are a Gmail user using it on Windows XP, Vista or older Chrome versions, then Gmail is not going to function on your OS or browser any more. Google has become more strict on this matter announcing on Wednesday that the said Windows versions along with Chrome version 53 and below will not be supported Gmail anymore.

This will come to effect by the end of this year. As per Google’s statement, the latest Chrome version 55 is packed with a number of security features and updates and hence is not prone to malware or security attacks. But because a lot of users so far have not upgraded to the latest version of Chrome, so the company thinks it the ideal way to enforce them to update their Chrome version.

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As a first step to this attempt, starting from February 8, 2017, the Gmail users will see a warning massage at the top of their Gmail interface. Since Microsoft has already stopped supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista versions, so Google takes this step to encourage its users to get diverted to a more secure and supported systems. However, throughout this year, Gmail will continue to function on Chrome browser supported version 53 and below and Chrome users who are using this old version of Google Chrome might get redirected to the html version of Gmail in the early part of 2017.

Explaining in fever of this step Google explained in an official release, “Google does not typically announce when we discontinue support for older versions of Chrome browser because of our current supported browser policy, which states that only the most recent versions of Chrome is supported. This announcement was made given the expected impact on Windows XP and Windows Vista users and known security risks.”

So, if you are a user of the Older version of Chrome or using Windows XP or Vista, then it’s high time that you must seriously think about it and upgrade to the newest version of Chrome. Keep visiting BlogZamana to get further updates on this.

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