Honda Amaze: The upcoming Diesel Car from Honda

Honda Amaze Front View

Honda Car India, one of the largest car manufacturers in the domestic market is all set to introduce its first ever diesel powered car segment in the country named Honda Amaze. The car is supposed to hit the Indian markets this April.

Special attraction of the upcoming car segment Amaze is the launch of 1.5 litre of i-DTEC diesel engine which is supposed to come powered with the car. Though nothing has been yet confirmed by the company but rumours are getting stringent on the issue. Conversely, the car will also come featured with a 1.2 litre petrol engine which is certainly gonna be the first choice of the consumers.

Honda Amaze as revealed in the teaser launched in the official website of the company, someway resemble looks with the company’s other popular car Honda City. Though the teaser was not sufficient to give details on the car structure and designs, but it definitely made a first impression among us and what we guess it must have impressed the numerous car aspirers too!

The car is based on Brio platform and is specifically designed for the Asian markets. It has been named accordingly and its amazing features and design is supposed to justify its name ‘Amaze’ in real terms. Its distinct design and indoor comforts seem to distinguish it among all other cars of the company.

Petrol version of Honda Amaze is expected to get power-driven by 1.2 litre of i-VTEC petrol engine producing 88PS of peak power and will be combined with five-speed manual transmission. Diesel version (1.5L) of the car will also have the same gearbox and that’s what called a perfect combination of engine and gearbox. This combination of Sedan will definitely take performance of the car to the next level.

Honda Brio Sedan

From acceleration and pickup points of view, petrol segments of Honda Amaze will be implausible as the patrol car will take just a few seconds to touch the 100kmph speed mark with a top speed of around 170-180kmph. However, the diesel segment will be comparatively less productive as it will have an average pickup level staring from 0-100kmph. But, its overall speed level is quite enthralling and will certainly turn the headache for its rivals.

The aerodynamic design of the car is another added advantage for the riders. While the car has been designed in a way to hold its grip stringent even on the bumpy roads of India, its in-built suspension system and power steering makes your car handling experience all the more spicy and jaw-dropping. Apart, the car features ventilated disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear along with electronic brake force distribution system, anti-lock braking system and brake assist.

The double SRS airbags for the two front sitters including the driver, seat belt with pre-tensioners for all sitting inside the car, central locking system and child safety locks of the car ensures you an obvious safety journey. To make your journey full of fun, the Honda Amaze Sedan features the 2-Din audio system with Aux-in and iPod interface and four speakers.

Apart, the car has many other features which you will come to know only after having a look on it. The car is scheduled to hit the Indian markets this April within a budget price of Rs 7, 60, 000. So get set to make your Sedan experience all the more spicy and beguiling with the upcoming luxurious Sedan from Honda.

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