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Microsoft Decimates Windows 10 Update that had been slowing down PCs

Finally the complaints are over and Windows has acted quick to fix the annoying Windows 10 update version KB4559309. Numerous users had been complaining about the bugs on this version of Windows for the last two months, since its launch. Reportedly, after update this version of Windows is constantly slowing down PCs  and perform very poor. So Windows has taken a brisk step by unceremoniously killing off the update.

A report from Windows convey that the Windows 10 update KB4559309 update was about to replace the old Edge web browser with the new and superior Chromium-based Edge web browser. But soon the users started complaining that post update their PCs started behaving weird, performing slowly and booting slowly even.

Worst part of the update is that KB4559309 was an automatic update and didn’t wait for the permission of the users to install, thereby initiating all issues.

Now after getting frequent complaints on the update, Windows has acted quick pulling off the update and replacing it with KB4576754 which seems to be working fine. Again this is an automatic update and is supposed to change the old version of the Edge to the new. According to Microsoft, the new update will replace the previously released updates i.e. KB4541301, KB4541302 and KB4559309.

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