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Using Windows 11 Preview? Then you can try Windows Copilot

When Microsoft intended to make Artificial Intelligence a personal user assistant, the Windows Copilot chatbot came to the limelight. The idea was to make the chatbot perform various tasks such as change settings, launch certain program, or turn on the desired playlist in Spotify for users. The idea became official in May.

And now Microsoft has introduced the Windows 11 Insider Preview test Build 23493, which is available in the Developer channel. It looks like an earlier version of the Windows Copilot which is attached to the right edge of your Windows screen and it can be accessed anytime during work, using a special button Win+C on the taskbar and devoid of blocking the open windows.

The Windows Copilot is not fully functional now and can only manage the basic Windows settings. Also it doesn’t have support for the third party plugins and Microsoft plans to expand its functionality after collecting sufficient feedback on the chatbot from the      Windows insider users.

The test build 23493 includes a new main page in the Settings Menu which provides you quick access to basic settings and help you manage your Microsoft account easily. It also has built-in support for reading additional archive formats such as .rar, .7z, .tar, etc.

You can check further details at the official Microsoft blog.

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