This Sanitization Device can make entire body free from virus in just 15 minutes

The entire world is trying to cope up with the furious Coronavirus pandemic. While every single day thousands of people are dying because of this deadly virus, attempt is being done to find out preventive measures to contain this virus. But as all of us know, washing hands frequently and using sanitiser is the first hand solution to prevent this diseases, so IIT (BHU) has prepared a sensor based Sanitization device which can sanitize a person’s entire body, clothes, and shoes by spraying 10-15 ml of sanitizer just in 15 seconds.

According to sources, this Sanitization device can be mounted anywhere starting from homes to shops,  Bus stands to Metros and at any other premises. The device is fully automated and starts spraying 10-15 ml of sanitizer for 15 seconds and this will sanitize the person’s entire body, clothes, and shoes. The device can be installed at any public places so that any passersby can use it for self sanitization.

According to coordinator, Malviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIT (BHU) Dr. PK Mishra, the device has been developed keeping in mind today’s requirement. This sanitization method is out of the box and can help avoiding most of the viruses. Validation of dose, exposure time, frequency of the device is under process. But even after being sanitized with this device, one need to wear mask, maintain Social Distancing and wash hands in regular intervals.

Being this an automated device, it automatically starts sanitizing a person once it detects. This device has been developed to contain  the growth of Coronavirus.

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