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Ideal Reasons to encourage Rooting an Android Device

Coming into handling android many user go for various tweaks available over net. Read them and try dipping the phone in the river of methods. In the ocean of fixes and tweaks, one method is rooting. Android users might have rooted their device several times as they are benefited. If you are a novice and come across rooting for the first time then you are in right place. Here on way to reading the article you will come across the benefits of rooting.

The privilege of rooting an android device is like getting various ROMs installed or rooted apps utilization any moment from the store. To grant the root access, user has to get the root zip files developed by various developers (we’ve several rooting procedure available) and flash into their device through manual process. There are apps also available to root device in just a tap install and go.

But the main reason users hesitate to root because the warranty gets void. But no worry as there is manual procedures available to get back to stock firmware. If still you are in shilly-shally situation on rooting device then here is ideal reason to encourage rooting.

Remove Blotwares

Out of the box android device are loaded with preinstalled apps. These are basically called as bloatwares and these cannot be removed with a tap. The occupied apps eats up your phone internal memory and these must be removed. Rooting lets you delete the bloatwares which is a wonderful thing one must do.

Get better battery life

Always there is an issue on battery power in android devices. There are several apps that hamper the power and drain all your battery life. To avoid drainage of battery power one must root their device. There are certain apps (need root access to install) that reduces the processor clock frequency and save power and increase life.


There are several backup apps available in Google Play store to backup device data like GO backup and Nndroid backup. Once device is rooted then all the data means the entire data can be backup & restored easily using rooted apps. The system image restores the device to default state if there is any problem. Few apps available in stores for backup but it has in app purchase but rooted apps need no such policies.

Reduce clock frequency of processor

After reducing clock frequency of processor in rooted device, one can improve the battery life. But these process needs causation as excess reduction of clock frequency of processor can lead to overheating of device. Overheating leads to damage of android device which is not expectable.

Recover deleted photos

In rooted android device, one can recover their deleted photos and files by root accessed apps. Save them back into sd cards or over e-drives.

Flash custom ROMs

Installing a custom ROM is one of the stable reasons to root an android device because it gives user the freedom to changing one user interface. One can update phone with official OS if not received the OTA. And many more.

Boost storage space ability

These days few devices come with only internal memory, no availability of external memory card slot. If one roots these kinda devices then they can boost storage space and save more data.

Well, if these aforementioned benefits satisfy your eagerness of why rooting own android device then oh! God saved the world. My ideal reason to encourage you towards rooting an android device is successful.

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