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WhatsApp View Once Text Feature might be brought soon, Check Details

WhatsApp is working on the "View Once Text" feature which will auto delete text messages after viewed one time. Check details inside.

Often it so happens that by mistake we send a text message to someone in WhatsApp and realize later. But we are left with no option because by that time the message gets delivered. Such situations at times create embarrassment for both us and the person whom the message gets delivered. But now you don’t have to get worried as WhatsApp is working on a feature called “View Once Text” which will auto-delete a message after being viewed once.

Of course, nothing have been made official on this. But this piece of information is from reliable sources and hence this feature might hit your device at any point of time. If someday you mark a padlock-style button with the traditional send message logo on your chat-head, then know this feature is ready for you.

This feature is already available on WhatsApp’s Android Beta version for  Media files which gets auto-deleted after being viewed once, reports WABetaInfo. The best part with this feature is that these messages can’t be copied or forwarded. The same will be in case of the text messages also.

Besides, WhatsApp also does not allow the recipients to screenshot a piece of view once media file and the same might happen in the case of text messages too. But nothing has been made clear on this.


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