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All new Android 6.0 Marshmallow Stock Wallpapers (Download)

Android 5.1.2 was the last update you got from the Android and the latest is Android M. This Android M is dubbed as Marshmallow which is after the name of a sweet that is popular among kids. Well, getting the hands on this new Android 6.0 is not easier because the developer SDK is available for now. The Users and developer will get the Marshmallow after going through few steps. But do not worry we will come with the steps soon. But for now have the stock wallpapers of Marshmallow.

Being officially out for android devices as we few minutes ago show Google Now Launcher in Marshmallow steps, its time for Marshmallow wallpapers. First the Nexus devices will get the opportunity then rest. Use the Marshmallow wallpapers on any android device and flaunt among friends.

You could see the wallpapers looks similar to Android Lollipop 5.0 version with Google Earth images, landscapes, other unique textures. The colors are so vivid and bright that brings the new dream. Oh I m getting fascinated from now. Well download the high definition quality Marshmallow stock wallpapers and install on your phone.

Download Marshmallow wallpapers

Steps to install the wallpapers of Marshmallow on your android device

  • First download the file from above and save it in file manager.
  • If the file is in zip format then unzip it and save it file manager and if it is in apk file then install it.
  • If it is zip format then you will get the file in jpg or png format which can be directly set as wallpapers.
  • If it is apk format then go to settings tick the security->android development->tick unknown source file. Return back to apk and install it.

Well, these were the ways to install the wallpaper of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on any android device. Stay tuned to Blogzamana for more tips, tricks, tutorial on Android and more.

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