Guide to Flash Xposed Framework on LG G4

Good news for all the owners of LG G4 that the best Xposed Framework is available. Developers are still working on it hence to install the Xposed Framework, your device need to be rooted and locked bootloader. Here in the steps given below will involve installation of arm64 version of framework. At this point Flashfire is the flashing tool in order t get official Xposed Installer through APK on your LG G4. Follow the procedure given in this article.

Xda developer made this possible and tested on LG G4 models like LS991 sprint, H810 at&t, H815L, H815 sea, H812 and VS986. If your device matches with these models then go ahead and get the Xposed Framework now. Well, the device first need to be rooted and as you know that rooting a device gives full control but looses warranty. If you are ready then do not blame blogzamana for any loss of data or mishap. The entire risk is on user.


All the zip files other download from here.

Guide to Flash Xposed Framework on LG G4

  1. Make sure you have enough battery power in your phone and if not then charge it and bring it to 60% minimum.
  2. Then make a backup of all files like contacts, sms videos, music, apps etc. to get deleted during the process.
  3. Download the Xposed framework zip fie and save it in internal memory from the computer via USB cable. Make sure that is not unzipped and saved in SD card. Otherwise the file will not get detected.
  4. Its time to download the official Xposed installer apk and got to nest step. Save this too in phone.
  5.  Again download and install Flashfire in phone.
  6. When every download and installation is over then, flash the Xposed framework using flashfire. To do that use the flash zip file option and make sure not to check automount. This probably takes more than 30 minutes and the phone will boot in very long time, so do not panic.
  7. After long time install the official Xposed installer and enjoy the rest.

Congratulations on getting the Xposed framework on LG G4 so easily. If you are unsuccessful for the first time then try second time and third. You will surely install the zip.

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