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How to flash Android 14 Beta to Nothing Phone 1, all at your own risk

The Android 14 Developer Preview is now available for the Nothing Phone 1. Though bit risky, but it can now be flashed to your Nothing Phone via the following steps. Let's have a look.

Nothing phone 1 has been the favorite of many since Day 1. This is because of the Nothing OS on which the device runs. The company is at par maintaining its rep to address the issues and bring constant improvement in the device as per user’s requirements. Now if you wonder what’s next after Noting OS, it’s going to be Noting OS 2.0 which the company aims to release towards the end of August this year. In the meantime, the users if want may dare to spare some time in flashing the Android OS 14 Beta to their Noting phones and may experience the Android 14 features with the Android 14 build for Nothing Phone 1.


As we told the Android 14  OS is in Beta version, so it might include bugs or issues that might corrupt or brick your device. This OS is meant for the developers, though not restricted to common users. So proceed only if you are brave enough take the risk to flash this OS to your device. We at BlogZamana or Nothing, no one will remain responsible if your device behaves weird after installation of the software. During the procedure, the phone will be reverted to Factory Reset. So make sure to create a back up of all important data and on your device, before starting the installation process.

Now before guiding you through the process, we would like to let you know the following  few issues that the Android 14 build experiences for Nothing Phone 1. There is a list of issues that the Android 14 beat build website enlists. Have a look at the full list below.

  • Fingerprints can’t be registered
  • Face unlock unavailable
  • Glyph features unavailable
  • Battery sharing unavailable
  • No Portrait Mode or slow motion feature in the camera app
  • No pre-installed Nothing Weather and Nothing X apps
  • Screencast to TV connection unavailable

So if you are good to go with the above mentioned issues, then you can follow the steps below to download and flash the Android OS 14 Beta on your Nothing Phone 1.

How to Upgrade

Before initiating the update process, make sure you create aback up of all your important data. Ensure your phone runs on the latest Nothing OS with version 1.5.4.

  1. Now create a folder in the internal storage called ota.
  2. Download and move the Android 14 Beta update package to the ota folder.
  3. Now enter the code #*#682#*#* on your phone’s dialer and it will open the local update tool.
  4. The update tool now will be auto set to scan the ota folder for an update. If it doesn’t load, then tap the reload button.
  5. You will see an error message, if you don’t have the correct file.
  6. Once auto set, tap the Directly apply OTA from selection button to begin the update process.
  7. Keep the phone on till the process completes. Once complete, you will see the message “OTA Update Success”.

Now the installation has been finished properly. Once you reboot, your phone will boot into the Android 14 OS.

Good news is that you can revert to Android 13 even after booting into Android 14. For that you have to follow the same procedure, but have to select the roll back package instead of the Android 14 package. If things go well, then you will again boot into Android 13. In case of any issues, feel free to ping back for assistance.

Source: XDA Developers

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