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Guide for OnePlus 2 to Replace Hydrogen OS with Oxygen OS

OnePlus 2 is a 5.5 inch smartphone that scores best out hundred has several features. The Processor clocked at Quad core 1.5 Ghz and weighs 166 gram. We are here to give you the steps or procedure to replace or swap the Hydrogen OS  to Oxygen OS easily. The device is very popular in China and if you have purchased the device in Hydrogen OS format then easily replaces it with Oxygen OS by following our article.

So lets go ahead with the requirements we need to do so and follow the guideline below. Make sure you wont blame Blogzamana for any damage or loss of data. But we will completely help you in recovering through the damage. The people are who do not know about the Hydrogen OS must know that OnePlus 2 chinese ROMis in English version as menu option but the bad is that it doesn’t include Google Play service and the file manager is lagging behind. Basically these two features is have to have feature in an android phone. If these two are not available then there is no need of getting an android Smartphone.

Hence you got the knowledge on this then go through the procedure below.


  • You must have an Hydrogen OS operated OnePLUS 2 smartphone
  • Computer with internet connectivity
  • USB cable
  • The device must have at least 50% battery power in order to save from dismissing the procedure in the half way
  • Backup is much important so do that by using backup apps for sms, contacts, mms, videos, music, apps and other files


Oxygen OS for OnePlus 2

Guideline for OnePlus 2 to Replace Hydrogen OS with Oxygen OS

  1. well download the Oxygen OS zip pack from above link and save in computer. Then make sure you wont extract it because extraction is not required and to flash the file it is very much needed in zip format.
  2. Then connect the OnePlus 2 device to your personal computer and place the saved zip to the memory and make sure not in internal memory. Save it in sd card and disconnect it.
  3. Then take your phone in hand and long press hold the Volume down button and power button together and enter the device in recovery mode. In this mode navigate to choose language option and then install from sd card and choose the Oxygen OS zip to install the pack to yes. Wait for the firmware to get installed and then select reboot system now.
  4. After 5 minutes the device boot in normal mode and follow the instruction shown on your device screen.

So, congratulation on getting the Oxygen OS by replacing the Hydrogen  OS in OnePlus 2 smartphone. Enjoy the rest.

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