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Download Device Doctor: Keep Your Windows Drivers Update


It is very important to keep the computer drives up-to-date, so that you can work in your computer without any trouble. We all are not so experienced to download, install and update drivers manually. It is also a little bit risky to manually do the driver update. So, here is a free tool for you that will keep your Windows drivers up-to-date. Device Doctor it scans your computer hardware and checks for new driver updates available for your devices.

The Device Doctor’s database  includes more than 13 million individual devices and computers constantly adding more devices. It provides drivers for almost all major computer hardware and device manufacturer. The drivers provided by are manually reviewed using specialized compatibility tools.

Features of Device Doctor:

  • Constantly updated to include new driver versions as soon as released.
  • Every driver is manually reviewed with specialized compatibility tools.
  • Faster hardware scan.
  • Thousands of drivers coming in weekly for Windows 7.
  • Supports 64-bit systems and 32-bit systems.
  • Provides device names for unknown devices before updating drivers
  • Can be used offline.
  • Updates WHQL (Microsoft certified) and non-WHQL drivers.
  • Provides drivers for all major computer hardware and device manufacturer.
  • More than 3 terabytes (3,000 GB) of drivers currently in the database.
  • Cache all drivers so downloads are quick and work every time.

How to use Device Doctor:

    1. After installing the tool, it will start scanning your, it will show you how many devices require to update.
    2. Select the first update and click the “Download driver” button
    3. A new tab will be opened in your browser showing the driver details and the download link.
    4. You shoud create a system restore point before updating each drive.
    5. When the drive will be downloaded, install it in your computer.
    6. You can also set Device Doctor to scan your drives automatically.
    7. Check the check box next to Automatically run scan at start up in the settings tab.

You can even use Device Doctor offline. The scan results will be saved in your PC and you can take the result to a net connected computer and download the updates. It is compatible for both 64-bit  and 32-bit systems.

Download Device Doctor. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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