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Huawei launches Band 2, Band 2 Pro and Fit in India

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PC: Indian Express

Huawei with the launch of Band 2, Band 2 pro and Fit in India on Tuesday, expanded its Fitness Device lineup and the Users can now purchase these devices from the prime stores in the country. The devices are priced Rs. 5999, Rs. 6999 and Rs. 9999 respectively.

Huawei Fit is an executive tracker which can also be used by you as a Smartwatch. With its black and white color, circular design and always on Screen, the Huawei Fit looks so simple and dynamic. The Fit at this moment is available in two sizes and three colors i.e. Black, Blue and Orange.

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This Fitness tracker also helps in measuring distance, steps, calory and your sleep duration in a day. The Fit is also equipped with Heart Rate Sensor which can measure the fitness of your heart. Because the Huawei Fit is a Smartwatch, so it also can create alert for Call and Text messages. As the company demands, the wearable device can be run for six consecutive days on one charge whilst it provide around 30 days standby time. The Huawei Fit at first was launched in the USA in 2016.

Apart from Huawei Fit, the manufacturer has also launched two other devices i.e. Huawei  Band 2, Band 2 pro in India. Both these devices are enriched with POLED display and Heart Rate Sensor. Both these devices are compatible with Smartphones that run on Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 Operating Systems. In comparison the Band 2 Pro is more advanced than the former as it carries features such as GPS and Professional Run Coach.

As claimed by the company, both these wearable are enriched with 105 mAh battery which can provide you backup of 21 days standby and around 7 days continuous usage backup. So if you are a Huawei fan and loves wearable, then you might think of taking a hands on on either of these devices.


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