Earn 80,000 every month from the comfort of Your Home, IRCTC brings Golden Oppertunity

If you have internet at home and you are in quest of an earning source, then this news is specially for you. Now you can earn up to 80 thousand per month from the comfort of your home. This opportunity is brought to by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). So this is a trusted source of income and no chance of any fraud. But it’s essential that you must have one computer and internet connection at home. Let’s know in detail.

If you are educated unemployed and want to work from home, then you can become an authorized agent and can earn money. According to a report, 55 percent booking of the Indian Railway is made online and if you become an authorized agent of IRCTC then you can earn commission by booking tickets for people. Let’s know the benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent.

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You are allowed to book tickets in bulk, if you are an IRCTC agent. Besides, you get the option to book tickets instantly within 15 minutes of opening a general booking for the general public. You will also not face any issues to cancel the booked ticket. You can book rail, plane, and hotel tickets as well. An IRCTC agent can also book both national and international flights.

How to become an IRCTC Agent

Now question arises how to become an authorized IRCTC agent. You can become an agent by partnering with any Authorized Principal Service Provider. To get the list of Authorized Principal Service Providers, click here.  So if you want to become an authorized IRCTC agent and run a booking agency, then there are two plans. One is Rs.3999 per year and the other is Rs.6,999 for two years.

How much will be Your Commission

If you book a maximum of 100 tickets each month, then you have to pay 10 rupees for booking each ticket. Conversely, if you book 101 to 300 tickets, you will be charged 8 rupees per ticket and it will be reduced to 5 rupees if you book more than 300 tickets. In this sense, the more tickets you book more will be your commission.

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Similarly, if you book tickets for sleeper and for second class seating, then you get Rs. 20 per PNR and 40 rupees per PNR commission if you book ticket for any class of AC. This way, if you book only 2 thousand AC tickets every month, then you can earn up to Rs 80 thousand and other bookings extra.

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