Fake Facebook Account

Every day it so happens that you get a number of friend requests on your Facebook account. Some of them are real and some are fake. But most of the time it becomes difficult to differintiate the both. As a result we by mistake accept the fake accounts and those only make our friend list garbaged and at times these people might put you in trouble. So it’s absolutely important to find out which Facebook account is genuine and which is not. Today we have some steps following which you can differintiate between the both. Let’s take a look.

Profile Photo

The first thing you must do is to take a look of the profile photo. If you have any doubt on the profile phote, then you must take help of the Reverse Image Search Feature. For this visit the site image.google.com from your desktop or smartphone and click on the Camera icon. The upload the profile photo and click search. If the profile photo appears on any eighteen plus site, then know that it’s a fake profile.

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Girl’s Pics

The second way to recognize fake Facebook profiles is the Timeline. Most of the Fake accounts are found on girl’s names, but that doesn’t mean that all accounts with a girl’s name is fake. If you find the pics of Gods, Celebrities and girls on the timline of any Facebook profile, then be aware. Take help of the Reverse Image feature to detect originality of these photos.

Date of Birth

Date of birth is 1st January. One study on Facebook confirms that maximum fake Facebook account users mention theie date of birth as 1st January. So if you recieve a frind request with DOB as 1st January, then you must be cautious because it might be a fake account.

Account Activity

Generally the Fake account users don’t like any Facebook page. In such instance, visit the About section of that profile and check which pages have been liked from it. If no pages are liked, then know it’s a fake profile.

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Mobile Number

In maximum Fake Account Facebooks, mobile number is given along with a girl’s photo. All of us know any girl would hardly wish to share her number on a social media platform like Facebook. So be careful, it must be aFake account.

Using the above mentioned steps you can easily detect a Fake Facebook account. If any such step is there which you know to detect a Fake Facebook account, then don’t forget to share it here.


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