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World Wide Web turns thirty, know How it is different from Internet

The entire world is aware of the phrase World Wide Web aka WWW. Many people in this world assume that Internet has been introduced to this world after WWW got introduced. But this is not the truth. In fact, the world is using Internet before WWW begotted. But this is true that WWW gave internet a new revolution. Pioneer of WWW is Sir Tim Berners-Lee and all credit of its use also goes to him. After in the year 1991, WWW went universal and it was used by the common mass. Becasue many people mistake WWW to be Internet, so today we shall let you know the difference between the two. Let’s take a look.

What’s WWW

At first we would like to let you know that full form of WWW is World Wide Web. All the webpages, images, videos and all other products available at Online Platform which you access using a brower can be named World Wide Web. Also WWW can be defined as a network of Online content which can be accessed using http/https.

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How WWW is Different from Internet

Most of the people consider WWW and Internet as the same thing, but actually there is a difference. Actually WWW is a wholesome of the webpages using which you browse online, but Internet is a grand network in which the world wide computers and devices are inter-connected. In other words to say, as roads connect two cities, accordingly Internet connects two computers.

The Man who gave birth to WWW

The father of World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee was born and brought up in England and completed his studies from Oxford University. He completed his degree in Physics in the year 1976 and started his fellowship in Nuclear Laboratory in the year 1984. During that period he wrote three fundamentals i.e. HTML, URL and HTTP. After on 12 March 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee presented a proposal to his boss which was named as Information Management. It’s worth mentioning here that it’s the proposal from which we got WWW. The Queen of Britain felicitated him with the designation of Nighthood and he was awarded with the honor Award of Merit in the year 2007.

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