This is Internet age and Mobile data is no more expensive. With the introduction of Jio, Internet has become all the way accessible to all sorts of users across the country. Still, everyone has a craze for free internet. Know not why, but still people love to. It often so happens that wherever we go, wee keep searching if any free Internet service is available, specially WiFi.

In public places like Railway Station, Airport etc, free WiFi service is always available. But at times it so happens that our Mobile data doesn’t work and we are in urgent need of Internet. There we badly feel the need of free WiFi. But how to find if there is any free WiFi connection available in your surroundings. We have some solution. Let’s check.

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Wifi App

WeFi is a useful app which can easily detect any available free WiFi service in your surrounding. What’s special with this app, it easily detects and automatically connects to any available free WiFi network. You don’t have to undergo a manual search. You can download this from Google Play Store free of cost.


facebook wifi

Facebook App is a best alternative to search free WiFi. What you have to do is to click on the three dots appearing at the right hand corner of your Facebook app. Then scroll down and you can see the Find WiFi option. Once you click on that, it will show you the list of available free WiFi networks.

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Instabridge is a good alternative to connect to the public WiFI networks. This app is too special as it detects and connects to the fastest WiFi network automatically. Apart, if it doesn’t find any available public WiFi network, then it comes back to the Auto Mobile Network so that you can stay connected to the Internet.


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