DND on Airtel

Airtel is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most used Telecom operators in the country. Because it has a huge customer base, so it’s somehow much important that the users must activate DND on their handsets. Enabling DND on your Smartphone has a number of benefits. Once you activate DND on your Smartphone, you will no more get spam calls and messages from the customer center which will not disturb you times and again. Also it will save your call list and inbox from getting constant promotional messages.

Now for those people who are not aware of DND, we would like to let them know that DND (do not disturb) is an official way to provoke spam calls and messages from bothering you. It’s a service provided by the Telecom operator to preserve their valuable time. Now activating DND is not that much a big task. Here in this article today we shall let you know how to activate DND on your Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid connections. Interestingly with a single phone call or SMS you can activate this service. If none of these work, then you have an online option to activate this service. Let’s see how.

How to Activate via Phone Call or SMS

According to the rules of TRAI, DND is just a call or SMS away of your phone. Just follow these steps to activate the service.

  • Call to the number 1909 and follow the instructions of the IVR. Soon the service will get activated.
  • Else type START 0 in SMS and send it to 1909 to activate DND on your number.
How to Activate DND online
  • Visit the official Airtel website and go to the DND page.
  • Next click on the Click Here button that you will find in the below left side of the webpage.
  • Next enter your Mobile Number.
  • Click to get the OTP. Now you will receive an OTP on your Smartphone.
  • Next enter the OTP in the given space.
  • In the following screen, click on Stop All.
  • Click Submit.

Once you file a request for activating DND on your phone, it will take around a week to activate he service regardless of operator. Once activated, you will almost get no calls and messages.


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