How to track your lost Smartphone using Google Maps

The world is gradually going mobile and almost everyone across the globe has a Smartphone this date. Still there is no scarcity of cases mentioned stealing of Smartphone. Every other day we find someone complaining of their Smartphone being stolen. Interestingly these Smartphones are hardly recovered. But do you know, if you have internet connection on your handset, then you can easily track your lost Smartphone using Google Maps! If not, then we bring this article for you.

First of all you must have another Smartphone or computer with internet connection apart from the stolen one to track your lost device. Also you must remember the User ID and Password of the Gmail ID you have logged into the lost device. Now once you are ready with the requirements, follow the below given steps to track your handset.

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How to track your lost Smartphone
  • open in the browser of your other Smartphone or computer.
  • Then log into the Gmail ID that you have used in your lost Smartphone.
  • Next you have to click on the three dot icon shown on the top of your window and then select Your Timeline.
  • Then you will get the Year, Month and Date option selecting which you can know where was your phone on which date.

Actually this feature of Google Map tracks your Location History and if you have kept your Smartphone somewhere and have forgotten, then this feature will help you to find your handset. But using this feature, you can’t find your stolen phone but of course you can track it. And to use this feature, your Phone location must remain activated.

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