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How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Few Quick Tips

All of you must have known about the “Delete for Everyone”feature that the popular Messaging App WhatsApp had added few days back. This feature helps the users to delete any message they have sent to their readers and it will be deleted from both the sites. But do you know you can also read the deleted messages using a trick! Here we have this trick for you.

Before going to the tricks for reading the deleted message in WhatsApp, we would let you know that the Delete for Everyone” feature has two parts, one is “Delete for Me” and the other is “Delete for Everyone”. You can use this feature both for personal and group messages, but you have to delete the sent message within 1.30 hours. Else the message will not get deleted and will remain in the chat window for ever.

Now arises the question if a friend or family member has sent you a message and has deleted it, then how you will read it! Very simple. We have a couple of solutions for this. Let’s have a look.

First Way

Before going to the procedure we would like to tell you that at first you have to download an app called “Notification History” from Google Play Store. After this whenever you would get WhatsApp notification, you will get through this app and will be showing in the Message log comment. You need to give access to this app from the Settings of your phone.

You can read the message by clicking on the message log. It might happen that you can’t read an entire message if it’s too long, but of course you will have an idea what the message was all about. So this app might prove too useful at times.

Second Way

Also there is another app which will be helpful if you want to read the Deleted Messages in WhatsApp. The App is called WhatsRemoved+. First Download this app from Google Play Store and complete the Settings of the App by giving necessary permission. After again go to the App and select the app which notifications you want to save. For instance, if you want save WhatsApp Notifications, then select WhatsApp. Then click on Next and Tap YES on the next screen.

After that you can use this app and you can read all deleted WhatsApp messages in this app. Of course you will see ads in this app, but if you want to remove ads from this App, then you have to pay 10 rupees.

Note: You need to use both these apps at your own risk because these are third party apps and you have to give access to these in your device. Secondly, these apps only applicable for Android users.
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