How to use WhatsApp without keeping your phone online

The much anticipated feature of WhatsApp, the Mult-device support finally went on floors for both the Android and iOS users in July this year. This feature as promised, allows the users to connect to secondary devices without requiring internet connection to operate. The users can take advantage of this feature by connecting their WhatsApp account to four devices at a time to send and receive messages even when their devices are not connected to the Internet. This feature is also applicable if you access your app from a Desktop or a Mac.

As said the feature has grabbed eyeballs post launch in July. Using the multi-device feature, the users can connect their Instant Messaging Account to a secondary device, that may be a PC, Laptop, Facebook Portal etc. The feature too activate the end-to-end encryption on connected devices which keep your chat absolutely private. No third party, even not WhatsApp can read the messages you send or receive on your connected device.

With this new feature, WhatsAapp allows the users to stay connected to their account in secondary devices even if they are not in the proximity of their phones. Even if your phone is out of charge, the phone helps you stay connected which is really great.

Link WhatsApp to a Secondary Device

Before starting with the process, make sue your WhatsApp is updated and runs the latest version of the App. Being the feature in Beta version, might face some stability issues and it is limited to WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal only. But you can’t use an Android or iOS phone as a secondary device. To start

  1. First join multi-device beta by going to Settings> Linked Devices > Multi-Device Beta.
  2. Once joined, move back to the Linked Device screen and then tap on the Link a Device button.
  3. Now you have to scan a QR Code on the Secondary Device to link it to your WhatsApp account.

Once connected, WhatsApp will allow the users to send and receive messages on the secondary device. The users will be able to see the previous messages in the secondary device. But you will not be able to see messages in the either device if it’s deleted from the primary or secondary one.

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