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IRCTC: Indian Railway introduces new Payment Service, Know how you will benefit

Indian Railway has introduced the QR Code and UPI payment options for the convenience of its passengers. Now they can pay easily using the said payment gateways. Let’s know how.

Good news for the Railway passengers! Indian Railways have started new facility for the passengers. Now the passengers can easily pay via UPI and QR code and purchase train ticket. But this facility will only be available in stations where there are Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM).

To tell about ATVMs, they are like ATMs. Before these machines were used only to get local or platforms tickets. But now these machines can be used to generate tickets for long journey. Accordingly Southern Railways is making improvements in the machines.

Information from Railway

As per the information given in www.irctchelp.in, Railway has confirmed that the passengers can get ticket for journey along with Platform tickets from ATVM. For getting tickets, the passengers have to scan the QR code and pay through UPI. Railway has introduced this facility for users, keeping the ongoing digital services in mind. The QR code will reflect upon the screen of the ATVM.

How to make Payment

Railway is already providing Smartcards to users using which platform ticket and pass can be purchased from ATVM. But now with the QR code facility, the messengers can make payment more easily. The ongoing Smart card system will also persist. Just as passengers pay for smart cards using debit cards or credit cards, accordingly they can also make payments by connecting the UPI platform to the card.

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