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Install Pure Nexus ROM 7.1.1 on Nexus or Pixel Android Devices

Here comes the Pure Nexus stable ROM 7.1.1 for Nexus and Pixel Android device users. The Pure Nexus Project custom ROM features lots of supports that you can’t keep away from. This stable ROM has been tested and contains minimal bugs that can keep aside.

Thanks to developers to develop the ROM for all Nexus users and Pixels too. Basically the developer has tested the ROM on Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P. Basically the ROM is based on AOSP android 7.1.1_r13and supports features like busybox, Google pixel sounds, oem wallpaper,theme and assistant. It also has improved UI, enhanced ADB and full substratum OMS theme engine. The developer has added several things like advanced reboot menu, download speed in notification, advanced rotation control, advanced charging sound controls and several more. The unique thing that user can do is by touching the app icon in the app info screen, the app get launched automatically. The Google’s systemupdate option and legal information has been removed. Not only this, there certainly more what developer has to offer for Nexus and Pixel device users.

It is necessary to root the device along with unlocked and recovery like TWRP or CWM must be installed. We don’t know if the device is rooted or not the update will work. The developer has developed the zip file and we are only the middle men to provide the procedure to update. Any mishap occurs then we are not responsible for it. The entire risk is on user.


  • Make sure you are updating the NEXUS or PIXEL models because updating on other model can give unwanted results. Check before the update in settings- about device-model number
  • Keep backup of all data in case of data loss
  • Enable the USB Debugging in settings- development option-USB debugging and later untick it
  • Root access of the device is must
  • Charge up the device to 70 percent
  • And do not receive or call while update the custom ROM

Procedure to update Pure Nexus ROM 7.1.1 on Nexus or Pixel Android Devices

  1. First download the Pure Nexus project ROM and vendor image in your computer without unzipping it.
  2. Connect the device and place the zip files in memory and detach the cable.
  3. Then put the device in recovery mode and once you are there, wipe data factory rest to clean the cache.
  4. Then flash the ROM by select the zip file.
  5. Again flash the twrp zip to overwrite the twrp. Then reboot system now to boot in normal mode.

If you find anything is not working then do write us in comment section or else stay happy with new update.  The ROM installation is bit tricky hence follow the developer. We have other articles on Android do check if necessary or stay connected to Blogzamana for more information.


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