Instagram “Your Activity Feature” will help you manage time on Social Media

You might be aware that in recent days Apple had launched one feature called Screen Time on iOS and Google had launched an equal feature called Digital Welbeing Dashboard on Android with version 9.0 . Purpose of both these features was to assist people manage their time on Social Media wisely so that they would not be disgraced by the harmful effects of using Mobile devices for a long time. In other words to say these feature would help users preserve their mental health and overall welbeing.

Now with both the above said tech giants initiating their public welfare attempt via the said features, Facebook also has joined the revolution via its much adored app Instagram. Reportedly, Facebook has started rolling out an equal feature named Your Activity Feature which will act in an equivalent way and would help the users track their usage duration on the app.

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Users would get the feature inside the “hamburger” icon located on the upper right corner of your profile page. This feature includes functionalities like setting daily time limits and an option to mute push notificatios temporarily. Facebook had announced this feature in August and soon it will be added to the activity dashboard of Instagram. Soon the feature is assumed to be made available for Instagram users.

Besides, Facebook is trying to experiment all ways to expand it’s presence in India as it’s the largest market for its Social Media platform with more than 241 million monthly active users. So recently the Facebook-owned company has started testing Hindi support for Instagram. Besides Insta, it has also tested the language support for IGTV that debuted recently to enable vertical video sharing. But all these features are only limited to Android this moment. There is no info when Instagram will make it available for iOS devices.

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