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Gun Commando: The Ultimate Android Game for Gamers

gun commando

Gun Commando is an android based game developed by David Craddock. This game is available in  a certain market at price across the globe. This game lets you experience a way back nineties when the first person shooter did not bother with aiming up and down and fights like a 15 rounds in the 16 bit console prize fight. The game can be played in all android based mobile phones. It was first introduced in ‘Playstation’ and later it was released for other applications. This game is simple and full of fun.

Gun commando has some common features with the game Doom, Wolfenstein 3D. So this game is not much complex as the features match with Doom. Doom was released in 1993. Basic idea of corridor and murder has not changed at all in Gun Commando. The player is assigned with riding the world of an alien manifestation where the aliens punch and shoot the player all the time. In this game the player is a tousle-haired gun-wielding agent of some law enforcement agency.

You control the player’s movements and directions by sliding your finger left or right. The game is having good graphics. Levels are made up of rooms cut at 90 degree angles. It has flat textures. You just have to shoot your enemies within no time. As the player punch or shoot an enemy, the energy level increases, color of the player changes and the gun get upgraded. The upgrade system encourages the players and makes them able to keep focus on the enemy. As the game goes tougher, the gun also gets upgraded. So the process is not much complex. If the target is missed, it loses some experience point. If losses go more, then the energy level becomes empty and the gun downgrades to one level.

The base enemy, a grunt who swings and comes to you gives you time to shoot him. The aliens with guns move and only fire you if you are some distance apart. So you can kill the grunt by hiding yourself  in one corner. So it does not damage the energy level. If the player dies in the middle of some level then the game restarts from that particular level and the player gains full energy to attack. Even if the gun gets upgraded, the enemies start to fear of the low-graded weapons.

The weapon system used in this game is much interesting. Graphics is also good. Above all the game is so simple to play. In traditional games there are various weapons which you can change accordingly. But in this game gun is upgraded with increasing level which is a real fun. The game always starts with a base weapon and it is upgraded by filling the meter of the energy r weapon level. So you can play this game often. It makes you feel good because you are blasting the bad guys in such a simple way.

Then what to wait for? Just get ready to make your moments bit spicy with the favorite to all, Gun Commando.

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