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IRCTC’s Ask Disha: A Game-Changing Voice-Based E-Ticket Booking Feature

IRCTC aims to simplify the online booking process and make it faster than ever before by introducing a new voice-based e-ticket booking feature, read to know more about it!

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the tourism and ticketing arm of Indian Railways, is on the verge of revolutionizing the way customers book tickets. By introducing a new voice-based e-ticket booking feature, IRCTC aims to simplify the online booking process and make it faster than ever before. According to insiders, the upcoming feature is being tested on the company’s AI platform, ‘Ask Disha,’ which enables customers to use voice commands throughout the entire online booking process. This latest offering by Ask Disha platform will allow customers to have seamless and hassle-free interactions and seek help anytime they need it. By harnessing the power of technology, IRCTC is taking a giant leap towards enhancing the overall booking experience and making travel accessible to everyone.

As per reports, the first phase of the trial run has been successfully completed, and the company is gearing up to conduct a few more tests before introducing the feature to the public. It is speculated that the AI-powered ticket booking feature will be available on the Ask Disha platform within the next three months, providing customers with a faster and more efficient way to book tickets. The Ask Disha program was specially designed by IRCTC to provide prompt answers to passenger queries and is currently accessible on the official IRCTC website. With this feature, passengers will have access to a more convenient and accessible booking process, making travel planning a breeze.

How does it benefit users?

The introduction of the voice-based e-ticket booking feature on the Ask Disha platform is set to bring a multitude of benefits to users. Currently, users can access the platform for ticket booking and customer support by logging in via OTP verification, without needing their IRCTC UserID and password. With the upcoming AI-powered ticket booking feature, the platform is expected to become even more efficient and robust, improving IRCTC’s backend infrastructure. Moreover, the feature will significantly enhance IRCTC’s per-day online ticket booking capacity, allowing the company to handle a higher volume of bookings without compromising on the booking experience.

IRCTC collaborated with a Bengaluru-based startup, CoRover Pvt. Ltd., to develop the Ask Disha platform and introduce the AI-based ticket booking platform for users in October 2018. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative solutions, IRCTC is continuously striving to provide its users with a hassle-free and convenient booking experience, making travel accessible to everyone.

Main functions

Passengers will be able to use the IRCTC chatbot Ask Disha 2.0 to book tickets using the next edition of the ticket-booking portal. Customers can communicate with the chatbot Ask Disha 2.0 using text or voice commands to purchase tickets.

Customers will be able to cancel their tickets and even check the status of their refunds thanks to Ask Disha 2.0. Using the platform, users can use the chatbot to inquire about their PNR status.

In addition, Ask Disha 2.0 will allow users to alter their train’s boarding and destination stations. Also, utilising IRCTC’s AI-powered chatbot, travellers may preview, print, and distribute train tickets for their trip. Last but not least, users of Ask Disha 2.0 can find solutions to their queries about the train ride. In Hindi and English, passengers can communicate with the chatbot Ask Disha 2.0 of the IRCTC.

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