KeyPoint Technologies Announces PicChat Technology for Android smartphones in India

PicChat Technology

KeyPoint Technologies, an award-winning global leader in user interface technology, today announced the upcoming release of its first PicChat technology for Android Smartphones. KeyPoint Technologies PicChat aims at transforming the way android smartphone users communicate and chat in India. This revolutionizing feature lets you select from a variety of real-time and relevant icons and images to help you create texts that are more expressive and fun.

PicChat knows your style and suggests options directly from the keyboard, eliminating the need to hunt for the perfect image to express your emotions. As users type, PicChat predicts what word is coming next in a sentence by offering digital stickers, emojis and emoticons that can easily be selected in the app’s suggestion bar.

Sumit Goswami, Chief Executive, KeyPoint Technologies says “As they say a picture is worth thousand words, we are confident that our new PicChat technology will allow users to express themselves thousand times better and make their communication more engaging and impressive. Our revolutionary award winning smart keyboard application – Adaptxt today has revolutionized the way a consumer interacts with his peers through his Smartphone, and has helped us in creating one of the most pioneering applications of the industry. This new feature will certainly add on to our industry firsts and will be a step forward in offering innovative solutions to one of the largest smartphone market of the world.”

“Words can often be too constrictive with a text, but images can let the other person know exactly how you feel with a bit of personality and sometimes humor,” said Ronald Brown, vice president of marketing at KeyPoint Technologies. “We think our users will enjoy this one-of-a-kind messaging technology that is lighthearted and gives them a fun way to communicate”, he further added.

With PicChat’s predictions, users are able to quickly type typical catchphrases, such as “let’s go to the movies” or “let’s grab a drink” while PicChat suggests a few images to replace keywords in the phrase. PicChat is also unique in that it continually learns the users writing style to suggest the most accurate image to make texting considerably faster and more interesting.

PicChat will be made available in the near future by a leading South East Asian OEM and partner of KeyPoint.

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