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Samsung to start selling refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from June

samsung galaxy note 7All of you must have known what tragedy happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet the previous year and what happened after that. The company  not only stopped producing new Galaxy Note 7 units, but also permanently discontinued the Galaxy Phablet. However, the company but underwent a major loss after it stopped producing the Galaxy Note 7 units and . A primary estimation of the losses in the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco count $2.6 billion while the overall estimation of losses count $6 billion.

Samsung of course investigated the matter to know why the tragedy of battery explosion occurred in the Galaxy Note 7 Phablet. While the primary investigation confirmed that it was a design issue in the initially built Galaxy Note 7 Units, the replacement units suffered the same issue due to a manufacturing defect from the supplier. But best thing about this fiasco is that Samsung is planning to sell refurbished units of this Galaxy Phablet starting from June this year. This news has been made confirmed by the Korean publication The Investor today.

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Well, these refurbished units are not meant for the advanced markets like Korea, United States and China as people in these states are no more interested for the refurbished devices. So the company will focus on selling these Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device in the emerging markets like India and Vietnam. But this time, the devices will be launched into the market with additional security such as pack a smaller battery and an outer shell. The refurbished device will also come replaced with few key features.

Reportedly, Samsung had sold 3.06 million Galaxy Note 7 units only in Korea out of which 2lac units underwent battery explosion issues. Besides, 2.5 million devices were shipped to the abroad market and 2.5 million more units were stocked as inventories. But when all these devices were found defective, so Samsung suffered a heavy loss and that’s why the company is planning to sell refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices.

But now we will wait to see what are the countries in which Samsung will start selling these refurbished units. By the way, Are you interested to purchase one too? If yes, then keep visiting BlogZamana and we shall bring you further updates on both the price and launch date of the device.

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