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Know How you can make Facetime Calls using Siri on iPhone

The feature Siri on iPhone is popular enough a feature to talk about as almost all iPhone users are quite familiar to it. Using Siri on iPhone is like using the Google Asistant in Android. Of course this Technology was first introduced by Apple and is now spread to MacOS and almost all new iOS devices.

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For those who are already not aware of Siri, I would like to tell them Siri is an in-built voice call feature which allows you to take complete command over your iOS device using voice only. It can help you to activate functionalities such as controlling music, videos or launching apps on your device. It too allows you to select a number from your Phone book and make a voice call.

But do you know, you can also make Facetime Calls from your iOS device using Siri?? Here I must say that Facetime call is a proprietary video-telephony product developed by Apple Inc. It helps you to make a video or voice call on your iPhone. The only difference in this feature is that it uses your WiFi or Cellular Data to make a phone call instead of the traditional phone lines. Now let’s see how you can make a Facetime call using Siri.

How to make a Facetime call using Siri

  • At first hold the Home Button to initiate Siri 
  • Then tell FaceTime and the person’s name you want to make call.
  • If you have a number of persons in your contact list with the same name, then you might need to say the last name which Siri  will clarify after asking you.
  • Now Siri will initiate the call and it will be a video call.

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If you are not interested to make a Video call on FaceTime and want to hide your face, then you need to make an audio call. To make a FaceTime audio call, just say FaceTime audio and the name of the person you wanna call to Siri and it will handle the rest of your work.

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