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Scientist develop Wearable Patch for Personalized Cooling, How it works

The American Scientist have developed a patch which can be used for personalized heat and cooling on the go. This can be worn as a band on hand and can be carried anywhere easily. Scientists at the California-san diego university have developed this patch.

According to the researchers the patch is sp soft that it can be worn for hours altogether devoid of any issues and a special kind of battery is used on its clothes which will not destroy even if the band is pulled to either side. They claim that with the introduction of this patch, there will be a significant reduction on the expenses made on Air Conditioners.

According to a senior researcher Sangki Hong, you can wear the patch on any part of the body such as back, neck, leg and arms, that you want to make warm or cool. Now the researchers are on attempt to design clothes with a number of patches so that it can be worn.

According to Professor Renkun Chen, this patch will also work well at places where rapid temperature changes take place, no matter sudden increase or decrease in temperature. The research published in the journal Science Advance, this patch is made from thermo-electric material. They help in reducing or increasing temperature with the help of electricity.

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