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Wanna deliver daily news to your Kindle? Here’s how you can set it up

Now With Kindle Newsstand, users have yet another easy way to access their favorite publications, Read to know how!

Amazon Kindle devices have revolutionized the way readers access books. While most users are aware of the convenience of reading books on Kindles, did you know that the Kindle Newsstand offers monthly subscriptions to digital magazines and newspapers? With Kindle Newsstand, users have yet another easy way to access their favorite publications.

But what if you wanted to take things further and read content from your favorite websites? The experimental browser on Kindles can be difficult to navigate, making it less than ideal for this purpose. What if there was a way to receive daily editions of your favorite websites on your Kindle, delivered to you without any extra interaction once set up?

Now sit back as we have discovered a reliable and easy-to-set-up automated solution given by XDA Developers. All you need is a computer and a free program called Calibre, and you’ll be on your way to receiving daily editions of your favorite websites on your Kindle, hassle-free.

Let’s Set up Calibre

The setup procedure may be a little hard, but Calibre, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, makes it possible to complete all tasks.

  1. Downloading Calibre will be your first action.
  2. The Calibre setup wizard will appear after you launch the application.
  1. You can select the manufacturer and simply change the device option to Kindle Basic as XDA developers will be using an Amazon Kindle (all models).
  2.  You must also create an email account for the app to use when sending e-books to your Kindle. You can create a new one in the app using GMX or Outlook, or you can utilize an existing one. XDA developers decided to use Outlook to create a new account.

From here, you can send a test email from the app to check the setup’s functionality. You can find information here if you don’t know your Kindle email address. It’s ready to go on to the following section if everything is functioning properly.

Creating an e-book from your preferred website

  1.  Click the Fetch News button first.
  2. Go straight to the section on scheduling the download if the news source you want to read is listed.
  3. Go to the dropdown menu for the Fetch News area to add custom news sources, such as XDA.
  4. You should see an opportunity to create or modify a custom news source when you click this.
  5. If you select this, a new menu that allows you to add and create a new recipe will appear.
  6. To create the recipe, add a title, choose the period when the oldest article was published, and modify the quantity of articles per feed. A link to the website’s RSS feed should be included in the feed URL. For instance, https://www.xda-developers.com/tag/rss/ is the URL for the RSS feed on the XDA website.
  7. Don’t forget to hit the Add Feed option before closing this menu. If you forget to do this, the feed won’t be added and you won’t be able to use the website to make an e-book.
  8. If everything went as planned, you should find the recipe in the custom add source menu. In the picture up top, you can see an illustration of this.

Setting up the download time

  1. On the main Calibre page, select Schedule News Download from the Fetch News menu by clicking the arrow that faces in the other direction.
  2. A list of news feeds, including any custom ones and those provided by the programme, should appear. The custom website in my instance is XDA.
  3. When you click on the news source, a menu allowing you to set up a download schedule will appear. Adjust it to meet your specific needs.
  4. If everything went according to plan, you should see the website appear as an e-book in the Calibre menu when you choose to download all scheduled news sources.
  5. If there’s a problem, XDA developers suggests double-checking the settings, particularly the RSS feed.

Planning the delivery

  1. You’ll need to navigate to the settings menu, then select the Sharing books via email section, to make this work on a Kindle.
  2. Setting it to a single format is crucial. It will by default list MOBI and ePUB as its two available formats. You’re free to experiment with any file type you choose; XDA developers just set it to MOBI.
  3. Ensure that you check the auto-send option after finishing (which should be checked by default). If you precisely follow the instructions above, the procedure will automatically download your preferred news website (the one you configured in Calibre). With that it will create an e-book, and send it to your Kindle email address, where it will eventually arrive on your Kindle.

The only caution XDA developers adds is that you must keep the Calibre app open at all times for this procedure to function. Although this can be a compromise for some, it’s certainly one of the better options available if you’re seeking for a flexible solution that doesn’t require spending any extra money.

Source: XDA Developers.

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