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Floating Draw app: Android App for On-Screen Drawing

floating draw app for android

We often take screen shots of our Android Smartphone screens. This has been easy with few button press and can also be done via screenshot it app. But have you ever thought of annotating those screenshots directly on your Smartphone screen? Sounds pretty easy for those who edit the screenshots in computers or through various photo editors on Android. However, these are very time consuming because we have to go through 3-4 steps. To cut down the steps and working out directly on screen is now possible. Thanks to xda developers for developing the best ever annotating app for screenshots, “Floating Draw”. This application tool is available for free and user friendly.

Floating Draw tool app works on any android smartphones and is flexible. This doesn’t care on which screen and how big the screen is. With freehand draw lines, imprint words or draw anything on on-screen. From the home screen tap on the app drawer and start drawing geometric shapes and figure you feel like and then take the screenshots. You get verity of colors to choose best for your annotate from paint bucket tool. Fill all the shapes you have drawn and also erase to undo the strokes to make mistakenly. When you are satisfied with annotate then hit the button to take the screenshot. You can remove or clear all the lines or go back. To go back hit the small pencil icon present in bottom left corner.

Floating Draw Features:

  • On- screen annotation on any screen
  • Color bucket
  • Draw shapes like triangle, circle, rectangle, line or text
  • Shapes can be colored with new paints from tool box
  • Save your creation

Guide to use floating draw app:

Open app then hit the drawing icon located in lower left corner of your phone. if you feel like changing the shapes then go to square with paint brush and also change the color too from color box. Click on anywhere on your phone screen and start drawing. If anything went wrong or feel like clearing the screen then hit the garbage can. Click on return button to return to normal activity. At last to close the entire application hit on big X icon.

Download Floating Draw app from Google Play Store

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