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Windows 11 Update: New Features for Productivity

Microsoft has recently announced that Windows 11 is getting an exciting update, which includes various new features, Read to know what are the features!

Microsoft has recently announced that Windows 11 is getting an exciting update, which includes various new features. One of the highlights of the update is the incorporation of AI-powered Bing into the taskbar’s search function. It helps enabling users to obtain answers more quickly and efficiently. The new feature allows users to search for system settings or web results and obtain curated information from online sources. Unlike ChatGPT, Bing AI provides citations for its sources.

In addition, the Phone Link app for iOS users is getting an upgrade, making it simpler for iPhone users to connect to their Windows 11 PC. Users will be able to make calls or check text messages on their computer, which will be synced with their iPhone. However, it will only be available to users on the Windows Insider program (beta) initially. And its availability for all users is currently uncertain.

Microsoft is upgrading Windows 11’s taskbar and widgets with additional features. Which will provide users with easy access to Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass, Meta, and Spotify. Moreover, classic apps like Notepad are getting a major boost with support for multiple tabs, and the Snipping Tool on Windows 11. It will now also include a screen recording feature.

To access these features, users can check for updates by navigating to Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates. Certain apps may require a manual update via the Microsoft Store, which users can access in the Library section. It’s important to note that certain features may not be available in all markets.

Overall, the new features of Windows 11 update are exciting and promising. It is making it easier and more efficient for users to access their data and obtain information. Users who want to maximize their productivity and streamline their workflow are expected to find the incorporation of AI-powered Bing and the Phone Link app upgrade particularly useful.

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